Voting For Joe Biden Is Not Resistance, It’s Submission

We are living through historic times. The death throes of our imploding empire has awoken the public from the American Dream, and they have found themselves in an authoritarian police state.

We are living through historic times. The death throes of our imploding empire has awoken the public from the American Dream, and they have found themselves in an authoritarian police state. In response to this dark reality, thousands of Americans from coast to coast have taken to the streets in protest.

Hand in hand, citizens of all backgrounds have stood against police violence and in the pursuit of justice for George Floyd by exercising their most fundamental rights as Americans, and in response they were met with vitriolic retaliation. They were abused in masses, by chemical weapons of war and intimidated by an out of control, thuggish police force that has been given total impunity under law. The fact remains that while we very well might see some semblance of justice surrounding the murder of George Floyd, it is only after the nation was rocked to its core by masses flooding into the streets demanding change, and because the murder was caught on camera in the first place.

Just 6 years ago we lived through a frighteningly similar tragedy when Eric Garner, a former city Parks and Rec horticulturist, was murdered in cold blood by law enforcement, on camera, in broad daylight. His killer, then NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo, ignored his desperate pleas of “I can’t breathe” until he was mercilessly put to death on the sidewalk by his assailant, a man who to this day walks free. His last words have become a rallying cry for protesters across the nation as they demand justice.

However, in order to understand where we are, we must understand how we got here: Who architected this system over policing and hyper militarism? Chiefly among them was the man of the hour, Joe Biden. Nominating Joe Biden as the alternative to Donald Trump is to spit in the faces of the protesters across this nation demanding criminal justice reform, and to continue to bury their heads in the sand. How dare Democrats, in a time when Americans are so desperate for a leader that sees us all, nominate a man who built his career by gussying up to arch segregationists in the Senate, like his self described “good friend” Strom Thurmond. 

How can a man who routinely peddled the dog whistle political rhetoric of “law and order” that ferociously vilified the inner cities of America, possibly begin to mend the destruction his words and actions have inflicted on those communities? It was under Biden’s aggressive cheerleading of  the Blue Dog Willy Clinton, that the three strike policy, among others, destroyed the lives of countless black men in this country who were forced into permanent enslavement at the benefit of the corporate masterclass. Even as recently as May, Biden has defended the grossly inqueal aspects of the legislation, saying that “Someone doing crack was fundamentally different than someone sniffing cocaine in a neighborhood as beautiful as this,” revealing a fundamental misunderstanding of the drugs themselves and the prejudice that drove the extreme disparity in minimum sentencing between powdered and crack cocaine.

Biden loves to rewrite his own history almost as much as Trump, as we laid out in a prior blog post. Heralding himself as a champion of civil rights and ardent defender of liberty for all, when in fact he played a pivotal role in turning this nation into an over-imprisoned police state. If we proceed by allowing the culprit to represent the cure, we will never have a true resistance.  

As Donald Trump continues to fulfill the worst predictions with autocratic crackdowns on citizens in the streets of all major cities from New York, to Minneapolis, to Los Angeles, he continues to move the goalposts deeper and deeper into the depths of totalitarian rule. By direct comparison, because President Trump is so absurdly, despicably dictatorial in rhetoric and increasingly in tactics, Joe Biden seems like the obvious lesser evil. However, to concede to these terms is to submit to a system that will never change. The energy of collective activism and motivation for change has never been greater, it is the duty of the left to harness it and demand better. 

Joe Biden has promised the people a return to the order of the Obama years, when countless Americans lost their homes, businesses, and life’s savings. 8 years of time passed and working Americans saw no wage increases, all while the Too Big To Fail bandits made out with billions of their dollars in bailout funds. Now, after Donald Trump saw his ship sinking and turned straight for the nearest iceberg, we are supposed to laud a man that created a landscape for the bocephus himself to rise to power.

As Marx wrote, “Hegel remarks somewhere that all great, world-historical facts and personages occur, as it were, twice. He has forgotten to add: the first time as tragedy, the second as farce.” If Joe Biden is elected president, he will simultaneously represent both tragedy and farce. The farce in this instance being the idea that he would implement any meaningful changes to create a just and civil society, and the tragedy of course being the lives that will continue to be taken by lawless police and other institutionalized systems of oppression which prey on our minority communities. Voting for Joe Biden is not resistance, it’s submission

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