God’s Latest Messenger

Christianity has always been a tool for control and oppression of the masses. Luckily, its messengers are getting dumber.

God’s latest messenger on Earth has arrived, and this time in the unlikely form of hip hop superstar and legendary narcissist Kanye West. And just as Kanye revolutionized hip hop many times throughout his storied career, now he’s on a mission to revolutionize America itself via a series of increasingly embarrassing, self-aggrandizing spectacles that involve a lot of pro-Jesus, anti-abortion rhetoric, and little-to-no substance on the policy front.

No, Kanye does not seem particularly incensed by the government’s inaction on Covid-19. He doesn’t seem to care much about the thousands of people being evicted or that are about to be evicted. In fact, he seems far more concerned about unborn fetuses than the actual people and families who are suffering right now in unprecedented numbers directly due to government inaction and cruel policies of austerity. He’s also apparently on a mission to make America a Christian theocracy. In between promoting his hideous sneakers and fake Presidential campaign, Ye mostly now propagandizes about the glory of God, and how far America has fallen in His absence.

It’s amusing to watch as a secular-minded person who never had any real respect for Kanye’s dumb, loud-mouthed schtick in the first place. I’ve always seen through his claims of genius, and there’s nothing more annoying than watching him try and stir up controversy every time he has an album to sell. And where in years past his provocations were harmless, in the age of Trump, Kanye’s showmanship pivoted from being annoying to downright nauseating: all of a sudden, he was wearing MAGA hats and espousing rhetoric right out of Candace Owen’s mouth: “Slavery is a state of mind” he infamously said in 2018. Whether or not his Trumpist tendencies are genuine or feigned for the sake of controversy, it’s equally as fucking disgusting.

Now, Kanye is the new voice of the pro-life movement, a movement which seemed to have faded somewhat from the popular discourse in recent years (probably because sane people got tired of defending the completely modern and ethical medical procedure of abortion). And with his renewed enthusiasm for exerting government control over women’s bodies, he’s caught the attention of the GOP’s finest. On a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson applauded Kanye’s “bravery” for voicing his deranged opinions on abortion and standing up to the left wing mob of infanticidal lunatics. Just in case you thought society was past the mind-numbing, Reagan-era debate over abortion, Kanye West has decided to bring it back into the conversation, albeit through largely unmedicated tangents and appeals to emotion.

The funniest part of all this? That it’s not surprising, at allEvery time Christianity is forced upon the masses, it is done so by a narcissistic conman with ulterior motives. Christianity, like most religions, is a tool historically used to control society and culture with an iron-grip, and to enrich those who profess to know The Truth. Look at almost every major religious figure in this country and you will find obscene wealth, resources and power, funded by a trail of ignorant, often desperate people who have been exploited by the confident showman in question. This is the history of Christianity, and to think that Christianity would rear its head in 2020 with any different intention, or via any different vessel, is laughable.

Kanye West is merely the latest in a long, long line of self aggrandizing elitists pretending that Jesus is the one and only cure for the sickness of the masses: the poverty, filth and violence, the immorality of our culture and our societal degradation. Yes, just like Travis Bickle, the loudest, proudest Christians see endless problems with society at large, and yet their solution could not be more unsophisticated.

The Christian solution as brought to us by Kanye is no different than pretty much any other iteration preceding it: Worshipping the Sun God, and doing so obnoxiously, while judging those of us who pursue other matters, and seek to actually evolve our consciousness rather than boxing it into an obsolete belief system. Religion, especially organized religion, discourages free-thinking and encourages a paranoid delusion involving the threat of eternal damnation (and talking snakes). Perhaps that is why it has long been used as a tool of conmen and tyrants. Perhaps that is why African slaves were convinced of its legitimacy by their masters.

Kanye’s flavor of Christianity is in theory nor in practice different from the Christianity of Ronald Reagan or Joel Osteen. It is an effective appeal to emotion and fear: after all, none of us actually know what happens after death, and a lot of us are terrified to confront the possibility that it might be absolute darkness and silence — the Void. This fear of the Void has long distilled in human beings the need for answers, hence the role of mythology in society going back to the dawn of man. And as long as some humans have yearned for these answers, other humans have always been eager and ready to exploit that yearning, for power, money and in the case of Mr. West, more album sales and time in the spotlight.

Fortunately, despite the tenets of Christianity remaining about the same with each delivery, the spokespeople do seem to be getting dumber. Kanye’s hilariously hypocritical advocacy for Christianity is of course immediately rendered null by his insane wealth and lavish, opulent existence. A true hoarder of wealth and resources, the West-Kardashians own multiple mansions and lavish properties spanning the country, and enjoy luxuries the likes of which most actual Christians will never dream of. “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God,” is a Jesus quote conveniently ignored by super-rich Christians like Kanye West, who is now a billionaire.

As America and its citizens are battered by the Coronavirus pandemic and our government’s criminal neglect of the people, Kanye’s latest plea for relevance and attention is hardly the most pressing or serious affront to the nation. Yet, he continues to insert himself into not just the spotlight, but also the realm of politics. His latest batch of ravings are not just incredibly stupid, but they’re also quite dangerous. Anti-abortion rhetoric only hurts women, who already face numerous challenges when it comes to receiving safe birth control and face judgement for no other reason than age-old, patriarchal beliefs based on pseudo-scientific mythology. On a societal level, Christianity does not represent progress. It represents regression to a time when less people had less rights, and the sooner we purify our minds of its puritanical dogma, the better.

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