Kamala Harris: No Friend of The Left, or The People

Crime bill author Joe Biden chooses top cop of California Kamala Harris as running mate

The long wait has finally ended, and just about as anti-climatically as possible: Joe Biden has picked Kamala Harris to be his running mate. Harris, the Attorney General of California from 2011-2017, was selected for VP in large part due to her status as a black woman. This being supposed evidence from the Biden campaign that he’s on the side of those demanding racial justice, and that the new age of awareness to BIPOC struggles is both heard and represented on the Democratic ticket.

The glaring irony? Well, obviously Kamala Harris is more than just a black woman. The color of her skin does not make her Rosa Parks, and just because her failed, short-lived Presidential campaign tried to cast her as an icon of powerful black femininity doesn’t actually mean she’s a warrior on the side of justice or even the people.

In fact, during her stint as the “Top Cop” of America’s most populous state, Harris was quite literally responsible for the imprisonment of thousands of disenfranchised people, mostly poor, including those who were foreclosed on and were the victims of the Housing Crash brought on by the Wall St bankers at the end of the 2000’s decade.

As Hawaaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard so beautifully put it on the Democratic debate stage almost a year ago exactly, “There are too many examples to cite, but she (Kamala) put over fifteen-hundred people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when asked if she ever smoked marijuana.” Kamala Harris is no friend to marginalized communities, and as California’s lead prosecutor, she furthered oppression of the working class instead of doing anything to improve our racist, broken criminal justice system.

Rewatching that epic admonishment of Harris by Congresswoman Gabbard, I briefly found myself lost in daydream, remembering Gabbard’s articulate, poised and unequivocally anti-establishment performance in the 2020 Democratic Primary — why can’t Biden have picked her as his running mate? Or one of the many other qualified women of color who hold progressive values and actually represent the future of the Left? Kamala Harris instead represents the very police state which the activist Left is currently at war with on the streets.

California Representative Barbara Lee would have been another amazing choice. Widely known for being the sole vote against the war in Afghanistan, Lee is an experienced Representative and has far more cred with the progressive left than any of the names floated by the Biden camp as options that were under consideration. Though I can’t speak for all leftists, I personally would be far more comfortable casting a vote for Biden if I knew Barabara Lee was also on the ticket, only a heartbeat away from being the President.

Instead, it’s Kamala Harris who Biden went with—no surprise, given that Biden is clearly at the whim of his corporate donors and Wall St. buddies, who also happen to love Harris. Harris, one of the very first to drop out of the Democratic primary after a directionless, tepid campaign, was hyped up by the corporate media to no end before she even entered the race: a CNN piece from December, 2018 entitled “Chris Cillizza’s Definitive 2020 Democratic Candidate Power Rankings” hilariously predicted Kamala had the #1 chance of winning the primary (equally hilarious: they put Beto at #2). And in addition to an absolute torrent of similar pieces ranking her as the most likely contender of the pack, cable news also fawned over her constantly. CNN even once aired a short documentary about Harris’ life and achievements which didn’t go into her problematic track record even once.

Via the media, the plutocratic establishment made it obvious from an early point that Harris was their pick for President, and that’s why it’s not in the least surprising that Biden has picked her as VP, given that he himself is a puppet, or at very least an ally of said plutocrats. With Biden as the President and Harris waiting in the wings to be crowned 2016-style in the next primary, the establishment can rest easy knowing that the Democratic party will for at least the next 8 years be a dependable vessel for their interests and agenda.

Kamala Harris, whose sole memorable moment from the Dem primary was ironically her takedown of Joe Biden, will actually be a liability to the Joe Biden ticket. Her persona drips with smug, coastal elitism, barley masked behind a facade of feigned cheer and optimism. After that moment in the first debate where she attacked the man she is now running alongside, the moronic pundits on cable news were quick to label her “the new Obama” or the “female Obama”, but I always thought such comparisons were an insult to Barack, who, for all my grievances, is undeniably an A+ actor — so much so that his continual charade has tricked the country into thinking his inspiring speeches and feel good platitudes constitute actual leadership. (Obama is truly the Reagan of the Left, and I have a sickening feeling that I will have to be continually subjected to blind Obama veneration and nostalgia for the rest of my life.)

Joe Biden choosing Kamala Harris as his VP confirms once-and-for-all that the Democratic Party is a party of performative wokeness that only cares about appearing progressive and evolved on racial issues to win over the support of well-intentioned voters who don’t want to see their country destroyed by racists and divisionists the likes of Donald Trump. However, adding her to the ticket won’t win the Dems any new votes; those who will be excited by VP Harris are already solidly “blue no matter who”, but for voters like myself who feel excluded and unrepresented in the Democratic ticket, this appointment only adds insult to injury. By choosing a corrupt prosecutor who infamously chose not to foreclose on One West Bank, the Democrats have made clear that they are not the party of the progressive left, or the younger generations.

The misconduct of OneWest Bank, run at the time by current Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, was so flagrant and criminal that leaders of the Consumer Law Section in California recommended Attorney General Kamala Harris file a civil enforcement action against the bank. However, Harris decided against pursuing Mnuchin. Instead, she decided to spend her stint as Attorney General bringing down the law on nonviolent drug offenders and the mothers of truant school children. A few years later, in 2016, Steven Mnuchin dutifully donated to Harris’ Senatorial campaign, knowing she’d be an attentive Representative to his needs and interests, having already served him once before.

Because we know the truth about who she’s spent her career serving, the Left will not be amused nor capitulated by the anointment of Kamala Harris as Biden’s Vice President and ultimate successor. Harris may represent the ideal future of the Democratic Party to CNN pundits, bankers and pharma executives, but she doesn’t represent the future of any party that I feel at all comfortable voting for. But, that’s by design: at this point, the Democratic party is ironically now relying on and courting the John McCain coalition of suburbanites and boomers, rather than trying to reassemble the Obama coalition which of course energized the youth and activist Left.

The Biden/Harris ticket represents a stagnation of progress. It represents a party that is moving increasingly far right and being increasingly corporate-friendly. It represents the iron-clad grip that the corporate interests have on our government and elected officials, and it reminds us of the lack of hope ahead for achieving a more equitable and just system. Having learned nothing from their mistakes and having taken no introspection, the Democrats are eager to recreate the same conditions which lead to Trump in the first place: more outsourcing of American jobs, more wasteful military spending, more handouts to Wall St. and multinational corporations, and little-to-no fundamental or tangible change for your average American. But at least we won’t have to look at Trump’s ugly mug anymore, right?

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